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Holly Stone Barker, illustrator and fellow Pratt graduate http://www.whdesign.org

John Miller,  painter, surrealism  http://www.pumperartstudio.iwarp.com

Lori Elliott-Bartle, painter http://lorielliottbartle.com

Musicians http://analogartsensemble.net/



Art Links

My Art School -- Pratt Institute  http://www.pratt.edu/

Ghost Ranch - go take a week of classes in beautiful surroundings. Northern New Mexico. Housing is rustic. Classes are varied, from art, to writing, to music, to nature walks. http://www.ghostranch.org/seminars/index.php
click on winter/spring/summer fall catalog of seminars 2003

Slam Omaha - a directory of the art and music scene in Omaha, NE. http://www.slamomaha.com/news/

Churn Art Directory - a directory of art and artists http://www.churnmag.com/



Amercian Civil Liberties Union http://www.aclu.org/

Covering the Uninsured
Over 41 million americans are uninsured and
80% of them have jobs. For ways to help, contact the Assoc. of American Medical Colleges





My Web Server - they are very inexpensive and their support is good. http://www.Freeservers.com 


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