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This doorknob dates back to my first studio: my bedroom when I lived at Pratt. It was there that I learned the fine art of painting with oils in confined spaces. They gutted my dorm right after I left, so I salvaged my knob, thinking, "Someday, I'll install this on the door of a real studio." In the meantime, I continued to paint in my bedroom. I became an ace at moving my easel to get to my closet, etc, but I have to admit that many of my clothes have streaks of oil on them. As soon as I bought my own home, I installed the doorknob. Here's a shot of the setting sun as it hits the door of my studio.
After an early morning of painting.


Various reference materials from other painters often sit along side my sketches while I work on a portrait.

Early morning, my favorite time to work.

The ultmiate studio - painting outdoors in New Mexico. This was taken on Thanksgiving day by a good friend. Could life get any better?

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