The Brew School

Barn Hammer, Torque, Little Brown Jug, One Great City, Oxus. The craft beer in Winnipeg has exploded. Every day there seems to be breaking news about brew-pubs in Winnipeg tapping a keg or a new micro-brew pops up on the shelves of the Manitoba Liquor Mart.

We love it because…hey, we love this city, and we love beer. Drinking it. And making it.

What’s all the fuss about? Why are we going all-in on craft beer? What’s with all these styles and what makes them different?

If you’ve ever asked these questions, or maybe even experimented making beer at home but found those kits confusing, or boring, Savour Winnipeg’s latest experience was created with you in mind.

What is The Brew School?

The Brew School is different. We’re not about sitting around and listening to some talking head. And those rarely offered stand and stir demonstrations will only get you so far. The Brew School makes you the brew master. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and making something, dammit. It’s about having something to show for the time spent other than a bunch of handouts and a maybe a mild buzz. It’s about tapping in to the makers’ movement and equipping you with the tools, knowledge and confidence to create the kind of beer you like to drink.

What you’ll get

If you’ve never brewed beer before, or if you’ve dabbled with those can opener kits and been disappointed, then The Brew School is for you.

We’ll teach you about the entire brewing process, from grain to growler. We cover the basics of brewing with grains, beer styles and history, dos and don’ts…but all while you make your very own, take-home batch.

Take-Home Micro Brew Kit Includes:

  • Primary fermentation pail & lid
  • Brew School Growler & Cap
  • 64 oz of ready to ferment wort
  • Carbonation Tabs
  • And instructions for completing your brew at home.

Next Session

St. Patrick’s Day Stout Session

We’re delighted to announce we’ll be back at the Irish Association of Manitoba this February to study and brew our very own batch of stout / porter.

At the end of this 4 hour session, you’ll gain a solid understanding of all-grain brewing, the history of this style of beer, and take home your very own, hand-made batch of ready to ferment wort which will be r eady to drink with friends by St. Patrick’s Day .

Choose your very own take-home batch of one of the following beer styles:

  • Traditional Dry Irish Stout
  • Milk Stout
  • Chipotle Porter
  • Imperial Stout