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Here is the charcoal map of my next painting. For now, I'm calling it "Life," but that will certainly change to something longer, like "Throwing Off the Armor And Finding Amor," or "Here I Am, Ready Or Not!" or "Portrait Of The Artist, From Age 18 To Present Day."

I had to go back here and lengthen the torso area, which meant that the pants, which I was very happy with, had to be redrawn.


This is the final version. It's hanging now at a self-portraits show by the NWCA, at St. Mary's College in Omaha.

This one is going to be called something like, "Here I Am, Still In Omaha." It's about not ending up where your 12 year old, or 18 year old self thought you'd be.
Session One 8/29/04 Session Two 9/5/04 Session Four 9/9/04

Session Five, Six 9/15-20/04

Session Seven, 10/14/04

This work hung in a show at Omaha's botanical gardens. It’s a self-portrait of me working in my yard. Since I work full-time, I do a lot of my yard work in the evening. I wanted to catch the way the yard feels on a summer night, when it’s almost nine o'clock, but the sun is only just getting ready to set.
This is a portrait I've been working on for several months.
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