Wine: Signorello ‘Seta’

This amazing white is the perfect pairing for this year’s Christmas turkey.

Signorello Vineyards ‘Seta’ (2009 vintage – USA): Let me start by saying that I rarely pay above $30 for a white wine unless it’s a good Riesling, an aged Semillon or a nice white Burgundy. Outside of those narrow confines, it’s got to be pretty special to make me open my wallet. This wine ($39 only at Kenaston) is that special, and it may be one of the only $35+ whites I will ever recommend on this site.

The Seta is a blend of Semillon (60%) and Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley’s Signorello Vineyard. The wine is fermented in oak barrels for ten months, giving it a silky and luscious mouthfeel (since Seta means “silk” in Italian, the taste fits the name). The flavour shows off ripe peaches and canteloupe with hints of vanilla and a long, silky (again) finish. I’d pair this with a traditional turkey (local & free-range if possible) and buttery mashed potato dinner. Just hold the cranberry sauce, and pour yourself another glass of Seta before your father-in-law finishes it off.

Incidentally, the Signorello Cabernet Sauvignon is equally delicious in a big, luscious Napa Valley Cabernet kind of way. It’s not cheap ($75 normally, $70 intro price at KWM), but if you’re into the big Napa Cabs, this one is pretty special.


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