Scotch Tasting

Beaujena’s is well-known for their exquisite wine pairings and un-published menus. Now they’re flipping everything on its end with the announcement of a November 14 Scotch Tasting evening with the following menu:

  • Blue cheese and mushroom crostini – just the thing to get your taste buds fired up.
  • Quinoa aranchini – perhaps a bit Italian for the occasion but delicious none the less.
  • Scotch egg – classic Scottish cuisine – a boiled egg encased in sausage meat and deep fried.
  • Bacon squared – braised pork belly wrapped in apricots and bacon with roasted garlic and balsamic gastrique.
  • Haggis – not the awful described in Robbie Burns’ drunken ode but a modern and delicious interpretation of the most famous Scottish sausage.
  • Chocolate pecan tarte.

For the prix fixe price of $35 you’ll enjoy pairings of 6 different Scotch whiskies.

Space is limited. For reservations call 204-233-4841 or email beaujena at shaw dot ca



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