A foodie’s guide to the Winnipeg Folk Festival

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The Winnipeg Folk Festival, one of North America’s premier outdoor music festivals held just outside of the city in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park, is quickly becoming just as well known for its fabulous array of food vendors as the amazing lineup of musicians.

Taking place July 10 – 14, 2013, this marks the festival’s 40th anniversary and they’re pulling out all the stops to make it the best ever, including construction of an all new Festival Village.

Festival Village

Inspired by the musical harmonies and patterns found in nature, the Festival Village feels at home in its natural forest clearing. It’s a place to meet up with friends, have a bite to eat and plan your next festival discovery.

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A brief overview of the changes for this year includes:

  • A village tower that will soar high in the air and act as a meeting point
  • Two new forest stages
  • Additional pathways that will link the Main Gate, Festival Village and new stages
  • Trees planted for shade, using a palette limited to the species native to Birds Hill Provincial Park
  • Additional shade structures
  • Permanent food kiosks for 20 vendors which include:
Savour Winnipeg Food Blog - Winnipeg Folk Festival - Festival Village Food Vendors

New 20-vendor permanent kiosks just one of the many improvements made for the 40th anniversary of the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Food Vendors

It should be noted (perhaps applauded) that most of the food vendors feature local produce, fair trade, and many vegan and organic options. Also where washable, re-usable flatware and dishes aren’t an option, organizers have opted for compostable, disposable containers.

Of course, being surrounded by forest, the informed forager will know how to find and harvest wild edibles too.



What would an outdoor festival be without a few cold bevvies. Two “Taverns” offer up beer, hard lemonade or wine. Unfortunately it looks like organizers succumbed to sponsorship pressures here and went in favour of an Alberta brewer over the fabulous local options Half-Pints Brewing Company or Fort Garry Brewing.

  • Big Rock Tavern – serves a selection of ice-cold Big Rock draught beer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Billy Goat wine.
  • Billy & Mike’s Li’l Tavern – located near Big Bluestem stage, offers Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Billy Goat wine, Big Rock products and non-alcoholic drinks.
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