Pet peeves, personal preference

Bistro to bar, greasy spoon to haute cuisine, every restaurant has a way of doing things that they’ve made part of the experience.

Some of these practices I like, others I hate. The other night my server poured me wine directly from the bottle. Like. But he drained it to the last drop and dumped a bunch of sediment in my glass. Hate.

I told him about the sediment, and he argued that some wines naturally had sediment. Granted, but it shouldn’t make its way to the customer’s glass. And it was a restaurant that should know better.

Arguing with the customer. Hate. He redeemed the situation by offering to adjust the bill. Like.

There are hundreds of dining room dos and don’ts. What bugs you about dining out in Winnipeg? Where do we excel in our hospitality? Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Server puts your napkin across your lap.
  • Follow up after each course has been served.
  • Open kitchens (vis a vis Pasta la Vista or Bistro 7 1/4)
  • A food blogger takes an incessant stream of photographs during service (ahem).

One Response to “Pet peeves, personal preference”

  1. I hate it when they seat you near the door or the bathroom.