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Grazing the Field

Chef Ben Kramer is a well-known advocate of locavore dining. You could say he’s a man outstanding in his field, and now, you can say it literally. Well, it’s not his field, it’s that of the Hueging Family’s Dairy Farm who are hosting a unique foodie experience in which the Diversity Food Services chef serves up a […]

Vive le Festival

Running from February 14- 23, Festival du Voyageur is a celebration of our province’s French-Canadian culture. Only Winnipeggers…Winterpeggers…would have an outdoor festival in the middle of February. We’re proud of the fact. The colder it is, the better. Builds character, y’know…connects us with la joie de vivre des voyageurs when we scramble over icy embankments, […]

Folklorama for iPhone

Folklorama is in full swing! It’s already one of the quickest and fun ways to experience the range of incredible ethnic food we enjoy right here in Winnipeg, but now it’s even easier! The interactive Folklorama app for iPhone makes it easy to look up pavilion information, get GPS directions, peruse the VIP World Tours, […]

International Bacon Day

  Okay, it’s a pretty unofficial celebration, but no other food is as deserving. September 5 is International Bacon Day. Bacon Day is held on the Saturday before Labor Day US (the first Monday of September, and according to last year was celebrated in the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, and the UK. […]

Too many cooks in the kitchen

  Too much wine, limited ingredients, one dull knife and too many cooks in the kitchen. A recipe for disaster? Think again.  It was a riotous night that led to the best vegetarian quesadillas I’ve ever had. Of course they were the only vegetarian quesadillas I’ve ever had, but they were darn good quesadillas at […]

Pet peeves, personal preference

Bistro to bar, greasy spoon to haute cuisine, every restaurant has a way of doing things that they’ve made part of the experience. Some of these practices I like, others I hate. The other night my server poured me wine directly from the bottle. Like. But he drained it to the last drop and dumped […]