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Win a Spinning Plates DVD

Spinning Plates is the story of three extraordinary restaurants and the incredible people who make them what they are.

The film begins with cutting-edge Chicago-based restaurant, Alinea. Named the seventh best restaurant in the world, chef Grant Achatz battles a life-threatening obstacle to pursue his passion.

The second, Breitbach’s Country Dining, is a 150 year old family restaurant in Iowa and finally there is La Cocina de Gabby, a fledgling Mexican restaurant in Tuscon.


Queer Eye star blinded with science

Those of you watching Top Chef have no doubt noticed the marked absence of guest judge and Queer Eye alum Ted Allen. Ted’s awesome! A charming and witty foodie, I eagerly anticipate his insights when he guest judges on Iron Chef and Top Chef. As I reported in an earlier post, he’s been focusing his […]

Top Chef takes the big apple

Season 5 of Bravo’s award winning reality show Top Chef premiered this week. Seventeen hopefuls attempt to take Manhattan, home turf for the show’s tough-love judge Tom Colicchio. The first two contestants to get chopped went to the same culinary school together! Yikes. What does that say!? If one hour of drama isn’t enough to […]

Getting familiar with the f-word

  Food Network’s plug for Gordon Ramsey’s latest show totally suckered me. I actually asked the question, what does the f-word stand for? Could he be that audacious…that transparent to name his show after his favourite expletive? “In case you’re wondering what the f-word stands for,” he says later in the promo, “it’s food, of […]