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Instagram Contest Winner

Leading up to Christmas we held an @thebrewschool Instagram contest for tickets to our second annual St. Patrick’s Stout education evening at the Irish Association of Manitoba this Saturday, February 9. Participants had to like and tag a friend for a chance to win two tickets (a $100 value) to our all-grain education evening which includes […]

Earth Week Savings for 2018 Forage Season

In honour of Earth Week 2018, we’re offering deep discounts on our multi-date options for the Fantastic Forest Forage. Whether you’re interested in the healing power of local plants, or would like to get back to the land a little bit and use natural methods to supplement your diet, or want to teach your kids or friends about our natural environment and how to live a little more sustainably, the Fantastic Forest Forage is for you.

A Better Way to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

There’s a better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than by hoisting a pint of Ireland’s finest and toasting to your friend’s Slainte (good health). A pint of smooth and creamy Irish stout is a rare thing indeed, and no, we’re not talking about green beer either.

We’re talking about tapping into the makers movement and in one afternoon, equipping you with the tools, techniques and knowledge to make your very own batch of craft-beer, an authentic Irish stout that can and will be ready to roll out on your friends on St. Patrick’s Day.

Savour Winnipeg’s Going Wild About Mushrooms

For six years we’ve been teaching Winnipeggers, and people visiting Winnipeg, what grows wild and is good to eat through the Fantastic Forest Forage. Each and every year, we’ve been asked about mushrooms: where they grow, which are the good ones, and most importantly, which are bad. For many reasons, it’s a subject we’ve avoided. Until now.

Living Prairie Museum Prairie Plant Sale

May’s a busy month. The gorgeous weather has us busy in our backyards. Savour Winnipeg’s Fantastic Forest Forage kicks off for a sixth season. And Living Prairie Museum hosts the first of a few Prairie Plant sales. Procured by Prairie Flora Greenhouse, this is your chance to enhance your gardens with some hardy native perennials. […]

New Locations Announced

The Fantastic Forest Forage is back again for 2016. Once again we’ll unearth the edible bounty that grows wild and free in our own back-yards. If you’ve ever wondered what grows wild and is good to eat, this one of a kind experience is for you. We cover tools of the trade, why we forage, […]

Food Trends for 2015

Restaurants Canada released its 6th annual Canadian Chefs Survey, which polled more than 400 professionals in January. Topping the list of “Hot Trends,” which are considered at the peak of popularity is craft beer and mircobrews. Here are the top 10 trends for 2015:

Craft beer/ microbrews
Locally sourced foods
Leafy greens
Food smoking
Charcuterie/house-cured meats
Gluten-free/food allergy conscious

Winnipeggers sure eat some weird stuff

And the funny thing is, more and more of them are happy to do it. Cloudberries. Hawthorn. Cattail shoots. Pineapple weed. Acorns. Things that we’d ordinarily hit with a shot of Weed-X or yank out of the driveway and toss in the compost, suddenly go down the provervial hatch.

That’s what’s so Fantastic about the Fantastic Forest Forage. It changes your perception. Helps you see things you never saw before, or see the familiar in an exciting new way.

Now it’s back for a fourth season, and it’s bigger and better than ever before.

Living Prairie Museum Native Prairie Plant Sale

The Living Prairie Museum Interpretive Centre opens for the season with the blooming of the Prairie Crocus, Manitoba’s provincial flower. During Crocus Day, usually the latter weekends in April (weather permitting), special programs and guided hikes are available to celebrate spring’s arrival. You probably recognize The Interpretive Centre,  that squat building that sits in a field at the far […]