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If you go down to the woods today…

You’re sure of a big surprise. At least that’s what the lyrics to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic promises. And that’s also what the 2013 season of Savour Winnipeg’s Fantastic Forest Forage promises. With the onset of spring (trust me, it’s coming all too fast) thoughts turn easily to the growing season. In spite of iceberg-like […]

Grazing the Field

Chef Ben Kramer is a well-known advocate of locavore dining. You could say he’s a man outstanding in his field, and now, you can say it literally. Well, it’s not his field, it’s that of the Hueging Family’s Dairy Farm who are hosting a unique foodie experience in which the Diversity Food Services chef serves up a […]

Fantastic Foraged Fare: Burdock Root

It’s the inspiration for Velcro, an Asian super ingredient, and it grows abundantly in Winnipeg. Burdock is this month’s featured Fantastic Foraged Fare. You might recognize the flowers of Burdock more when they turn brown and dry and harden. Better known as burrs, these annoying hitch hikers were the inspiration for a transformational technology. While […]

Burn Baby Burn

Smoke billows, flames lick through the understory, and what was moments earlier familiar and safe is vaporized, changed, blackened. The recent, if brief, blaze in Assiniboine Forest on Thursday, April 26 brought the spectre of forest fires dangerously close to home. It’s natural to react with fear. We’ve been taught that forest fires are agents […]

How to Make a Smoke Pouch

Whether it’s making amazing pulled pork, home-made jerky or simply adding a new dimension of subtle smoke flavour to some of your grilling go tos, a smoke pouch is a barbequer’s best friend. Let’s cover a few ground rules of building a smoke pouch. First of all, wood selection. Always, always, always use hard-wood. The […]

Folklorama for iPhone

Folklorama is in full swing! It’s already one of the quickest and fun ways to experience the range of incredible ethnic food we enjoy right here in Winnipeg, but now it’s even easier! The interactive Folklorama app for iPhone makes it easy to look up pavilion information, get GPS directions, peruse the VIP World Tours, […]