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You make me sick

Nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, indigestion, diarrhea…no, it’s not a Pepto-Bismol commercial, it’s the harsh reality of all too many restaurant experiences. C’mon…it’s happened to you. You probably dismissed it as a stomach bug, stress, or too many hot wings. I have. Relax…it’s not your fault… The aha moment for me was discovering the aptly named […]

A spirited education

So I attended another MLCC chef session (a well planted foodie gift idea), this time at the Grant Park store. These are great! For about $40 you get chef’s table treatment and a gustatory gamut of expertly paired drinks (usually around 8). Presiding, or should I say performing on this evening, Roger Wilton, executive chef […]

Perfect pairings at MLCC chef series

There’s been a ton of renos and rebuilds at the Madison Square shopping centre near Polo Park lately. No exception, the Liquor Mart has undergone a face-lift and is now one of the swankest in the fleet. The biggest change is the addition of a state-of-the-art education centre, the second in the city (the other […]

Is there really a world beyond Cognac?

Legend has it that a group of Dutch exporters and French vintners thought to maximize shipping (and profit) by distilling their wines. At the final destination they would reconstitute the product, approximating the original. They were mistaken. Shipped in oak barrels, the wine’s flavour was irrevocably altered. However, they had quite by accident discovered a […]