You make me sick

Nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, indigestion, diarrhea…no, it’s not a Pepto-Bismol commercial, it’s the harsh reality of all too many restaurant experiences.

C’mon…it’s happened to you. You probably dismissed it as a stomach bug, stress, or too many hot wings. I have.

Relax…it’s not your fault…

The aha moment for me was discovering the aptly named Diners Digest, part of the City of Winnipeg’s new 311 service.

It lists all the restaurants who have been cited, fined, or closed due to unsafe food practices. And instead of the after-the-fact grumbling of my aching tum, it’s a handy early warning of places you might want to steer clear of.

Take at look. You might be surprised at some of the culprits. Visit the City of Winnipeg Diners Digest website.

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