Folklorama for iPhone

Folklorama is in full swing!

It’s already one of the quickest and fun ways to experience the range of incredible ethnic food we enjoy right here in Winnipeg, but now it’s even easier!

The interactive Folklorama app for iPhone makes it easy to look up pavilion information, get GPS directions, peruse the VIP World Tours, and even rate your experience.

With the new Folklorama app you can:

  • view detailed pavilion information
  • rate your Folklorama experience
  • see the top-rated pavilions
  • track pavilions you’ve visited
  • make a visitor wishlist
  • locate pavilions using GPS
  • get turn-by-turn directions to pavilions
  • get updated information about the VIP World Tour program and Folklorama Kick-off
    see which pavilions offer late night parties

Click here to download the free Folklorama app for iPhone or iPad.


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