Winnipeggers sure eat some weird stuff

And the funny thing is, more and more of them are happy to do it. Cloudberries. Hawthorn. Cattail shoots. Pineapple weed. Acorns. Things that we’d ordinarily hit with a shot of Weed-X or yank out of the driveway and toss in the compost, suddenly go down the provervial hatch.

That’s what’s so Fantastic about the Fantastic Forest Forage. It changes your perception. Helps you see things you never saw before, or see the familiar in an exciting new way.  And each year we discover more and more of the edible bounty available right in our own back yards. Some of it is not merely palatable, but delicious–wild mint, rose petals, burdock root, wild hazelnut, and incredible fruits like wild plums, strawberries and saskatoons!

 photo 38CF3625-3312-422A-AD95-41F7F4C67BA7_zps54lsjzni.jpg

Wild strawberries, smaller and more flavourful than their store-bought counterparts.

In the three years we’ve offered this one-of-kind experience, we’ve been featured by Macleans Magazine, Canadian Gardening, CBC Radio and joined by Drew Kozub of City-TV’s Breakfast Television. Each year, more and more Winnipeggers open themselves up to the experience–new friends and familiar faces–foodies, chefs, vegans; families couples and kids–all taking advantage of the fact that you get an entire season (six sessions this year) for one low price.

 photo 95667D78-3A6E-46E7-8EAF-836298402C92_zpssupholin.jpg

Some wild edibles like to be abused, favouring well tracked areas

This will mark our fourth season and we knew we needed to pull out all the stops to make the Fantastic Forest Forage bigger and better than ever. Once again we’re delighted to partner with Fort Whyte Alive . They’ve graciously opened up their facility to us for the last two seasons, giving participants an opportunity to discover the unique edibles that grow there. Last year we got exclusive use of the sod hut where we made a truly delicious bush tea with many of the ingredients we’d foraged.

 photo D3884645-6D79-4043-AC0F-17491D1050F0_zpsajjo3mlj.jpg

Foragers add their finds to the bush tea we brewed in the sod hut at Fort Whyte Alive

This year, we’ve lined up a VIP access, after hours forage at Fort Whyte Alive. We’ll have the whole place to ourselves and will conclude the evening, and the season, by having everyone make fresh bannock with whatever we’ve foraged, then roast it over a roaring fire while the sun sets and we welcome in a new moon.This is an exclusive opportunity for Savour Winnipeg Fantastic Forest Forage subscribers only.

Whether you’re a dyed in the wool wilderness lover or a slightly citified first timer, this is one season you don’t want to miss. That’s why we’re putting tickets on sale earlier than ever before. The early bird gets the worm as they say, so buy your 2014 season pass before April 30 and save 20% off the regular cost of $30. (But we won’t make you eat any worms…there are limits).

Click here for full details and to get your season pass today.

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