Stay active, eat like a champion…March is nutrition month

That’s a tagline at Nutrition 2009, a website created in partnership with the Dietitians of Canada and Dairy Farmers of Canada.

At the core, it captures what I think is a pretty healthy attitude towards food. If you eat a balanced diet that follows Canada’s Food Guide for Healthy Eating, and get 30 minutes of activity per day, you can enjoy those little indulgences without the guilt that all too often accompanies them. In fact, a good nutritionist will tell you there’s room for all foods (it’s just that a few of them…often the really tasty ones, are what they call sometimes foods). Visit the Nutrition 2009 website, and learn more about what you can do to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Or use Nutrition Month as an excuse to introduce some healthy new ingredients into your repertoire. Instead of that hunk of beef, try locally raised Elk or Bison that offers more protein and less fat per serving. Or go completely vegetarian one night a week. Try out the recipe finder at Manitoba’s Peak of the Market website. Specify the veg you want to use, and it’ll find you delicious recipes that feature it.

Or expand your food savvy with quizzes at Health Canada, Nutirition 2009 , or check out Shamona Harnett’s Test Your Food IQ column in today’s Winnipeg Free Press.


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