So long, and thanks for all the fish

With great trepidation I watched brown paper mask the windows of Winnipeg’s gourmet fish n chippie, The Village Fish.

I held out hopes that it was merely a long overdue reno. But there’s no denying a new sign, proclaiming Burrito del Rio’s imminent opening. The Fish has floated on, down the drain, belly up (insert another suitable nautical cliche here).

There being no detectable currents on the tides of this change, the surreal and sudden departure of this Osborne Village jewel has me reciting lines of the Fishy segment from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.

All I can say is so long, and thanks for all the fish. I will miss your Manitoba caught pickerel coated in a ridiculously light and crispy panko breadcrumb crust. Served with fresh baked bannock and a heaping helping of chips with malt vinegar, it was a decidedly Canadian spin on a great English tradition (with a tip of the ol bowler hat to Japan vis a vis the Panko bread crumbs).

Spoiled for traditional batter, I was forced to find a way to replicate the VF experience. I humbly submit Savour Winnipeg’s tribute to it in the following post.

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