Get Your Buns in Here!

Will a new granola belt bakery win the hearts of its West End and Wolseley neighbours with a sticky bun revolution?

Opening January 29 in the so called suspenders of the granola belt, (between Lipton and Banning) Jonnies Sticky Buns boasts cinnamon fresh ground daily.

With a range of recipes crafted over generations (and in some cases the last few weeks) owners Jon McPhail Jon and Rheanna Melnick will riff on the basic idea of a cinnamon bun to create some truly unique options including:

  • The Leroy – a straight up no frills giant cinnamon bun on white dough.
  • The Classic – with and without raisins
  • The Chocolate Chunk – made with sweet whole wheat dough.
  • The Dharma – a vegan, spelt, whole wheat delight using date sugar and prunes as natural sweeteners.
  • Gluten Free – a soft chewy vegan friendly bun made with a blend of quinoa and tapioca flour

There will also be Thursday to Saturday specials including Herb & Cheese, Apple Crisp, Caramel Rosemary, Carrot Ginger, BananaNut and a Breakfast Bun that’s full of bacon, maple syrup and baked apples.

Jonnies Sticky Buns
941 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phone: (204) 415-7287

One Response to “Get Your Buns in Here!”

  1. Fabulous! We tried the carrot candied ginger, the banana nut and the classic with raisins. Yummm… My husband was really hoping to try an apple crisp one but alas Saturday is not an apple crisp day. We’ll be back.