Market of the Month: Frigs Natural Meats

Who: Frigs Natural Meats and More!

What: Manitoba raised beef, bison, chicken, pork, elk, turkey, lamb, rabbit, duck & goose. Those end up as deli meats (they had corned elk and bison bacon, yo!), chops, roasts and house-made sausages (the Hungarian is reportedly a favourite among regulars). Frigs also carries a wide selection of Bothwell cheese and when available Trappist Cheese made from unpasteurized whole milk.

Why: In short, it’s uber-local, super-ethical, house made and top quality. They insist on sourcing product from Manitoba producers and that it be free range as well as hormone, anti-biotic and animal by-product free.

All their processed products are made right in the store using top quality meats and very low sodium. They also don’t use wheat, eggs, milk soy or M.S.G. so it’s all gluten free product. All meats are also naturally wood smoked on-site using mesquite or hickory.

Also, they’re very helpful, and really nice (just look at that picture).

Where: I didn’t know Main Street went that far. When the Copa is a speck in your rear view, and you whiz by the perimeter, let off the gas and you’re basically there (look for the pylon sign on the East side).

Frigs Natural Meats & More

3515 Main Street


Tuesday – Friday: 9:00 am. to 6.00 pm.
Saturday: 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm.
Closed Sunday & Monday
Tel: 204-334-9430

11 Responses to “Market of the Month: Frigs Natural Meats”

  1. i LOOOOOOOOVE frigs!
    their peperoni is the best, the ground beef is delish and the bison bacon is tops!

  2. I’m a friggin convert. Hard to find meats, and hard to beat selection and quality. I bought ground elk and made a Manitoba meatloaf topped with bison bacon. Good? OMG! It made my wife, who hates meatloaf, a fan of meatloaf.

  3. I recently started going to Frigs; a friend recommended it to me after I was talking about the recent CBC Marketplace piece on superbugs on supermarket chicken. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I’ll never buy meat at the grocery store again!

    On Wednesdays all fresh and frozen meat is 10% off so I make it part of my weekly grocery shopping. I love that the staff actually know what they’re talking about. And oh yeah, their in-house made bacon is friggin’ awesome (couldn’t help myself).

  4. Love it here and great that it’s 3 min away for me. Though they have never been able to tell me how long their steaks are aged if at all.

  5. Anyone know if they age their meats at all?

  6. Yes Jason the meat is aged and the amount of aging is dependant on demand. Aging can range any where from 1 week to 3 weeks.

  7. Our kids love the hot dogs and I love the fact that they are “healthy”. These dogs are not made with all the questionable leftover cuts of the meat as per other market hot dogs. Another favourite is the bacon! What other bacon can you fry and sometimes need to add oil to insure its not sticking to the pan? The chicken are raised on the Frig farm and they have a picture of their young grandson eating the same food as the chickens…way too cute.

  8. We use Frigs and send all our clients there, Linda and the staff are awesome, as are their meats and other produce

  9. They are the best!! Super friendly and high quality products.

  10. Do they keep bison bacon in regular stock? If so, I may just stop shopping for meat where I work, and travel the extra distance to go here.

  11. I don’t know about regular stock but it sure is worth the drive. While bison is a very lean meat that I found doesn’t lend itself to bacon as well as pork belly, the smoke Frigs gets on there is out of this world. Last meal calibre stuff!