Beer: Trois Pistoles

Each Tuesday, Savour Winnipeg features a new brew that’s either seasonal or the latest libation to hit the shelves. This week, we’re loving Trois Pistoles.

Quebec is to Canadian Beer what Belgium is to Europe and Unibroue is infamous for its abbey inspired styles.

Dark brown colour, Trois Pistoles pours cloudy with a rich lacy beige foam.

Best served in a chalice style glass, as you approach your first sip you’ll note strong roasted malt flavours, perhaps detecting chocolate, brown rum, and spice.

On the palate it’s slightly sweet, and along with the roasted malt flavours are accents of ripe fruit and dark spices.

Trois Pistoles boasts a long, smooth finish which the brewer likens to an old port. At 9%, like a port, it’s not a beer you can settle in for an evening with, but reserved for special occassions or post prandial.

Trois Pistoles

$5.40 75oml

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