Beer: Black Galaxy

Set for launch on St. Patrick’s Day, Half Pints Brewing‘s latest creation is called Black Galaxy.

Brewmaster Dave Rudge describes it as a Cascadian Dark Ale/American Black Ale or (less appropriately) Black IPA.

It’s a similar style to their Black Scrapper, which had people lining up out the door and remains among‘s Top 50 in the World.

It rings in at a modest 6% a/v with around 60 IBU’s of bitterness which means it will send fellow hop heads into orbit. It derives that bitterness from multiple additions of Australian Galaxy hops which were hard to come by, hence the small 50 case run.

“If you closed your eyes and drank this beer, you’d be hard pressed to think it was so dark, but that’s the fun of the style, and as the beer warms, there’s a bit of chewy black malts there, but the hops are in your face for the whole ride,” said Brewmaster Dave.

Starting at 9 am (which means lining up at 6 am, Winnipeggers can buy this brew from Half Pints’ retail store at 550 Roseberry.

Our out of Province friends will be able to access it as well, with Regina’s Beer Brothers receiving two kegs and a few cases destined for Alberta by way of AGLC.


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