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Address Thy Haggis!

It’s January 25. Robert Burns’ day. Scots (and those of Scottish heritage) the world over will celebrate the great poet’s birthday this week by holding a Burns Supper. It’s typically an affair of much pomp and circumstance and although Burns maintained it should be a celebration of internationalism and universal brotherhood, kilts and tartan all […]

How to Boil a Bonnie Wee Haggis

Haggis. For many it conjures a profound sense of Scottish pride and the desire to trace one’s ancestory. For others, revulsion. It’s time to get over our aversions and appreciate what a unique and delicious dish it can be. The haggis of yore was indeed sheep’s stomach stuffed with a mixture of herbs, spices, onions […]

10 Bold Brews for a Burns Day Supper

Blackford 1488 Whisky Ale Matured in Tullibardine distillery’s used whiskey casks this beer presents vanilla and honey on the nose, and dried apricot and mild spice on the palate. Best drunk cold, chased well with a a dram of your favourite single malt Scotch. 7% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) $7.33 @ MLCC Innis & Gunn […]

Recipe: Plain Oven Scones

INGREDIENTS 8 oz. self-raising flour 2 oz. butter 1 teaspoon caster sugar ¼ pint buttermilk, full cream milk or soured milk Pinch of salt METHOD Preheat oven to 450°F. Grease and flour a baking sheet. Sift the dry ingredients into a bowl and rub in the butter. Add sufficient milk to make a moist and […]

Recipe: Scotch Eggs

Okay, I know, technically it’s not a Scottish dish–it’s claimed to have been invented by the British department store Fortnum & Mason in 1738. I loved these as a kid, and they’re my constant companion whenever I visit the homeland. Although they’ve never gained a following in North America, Winnipeg’s Toad in the Hole Pub […]

A Pub a ‘Pegger Could Love

Saying so long to the Lounge of Charlie O (a.k.a. Tubby’s) was bittersweet. On one hand the food (notably excepting the pizza) had suffered for quality in the final years (even as far as bar food goes). On the other hand, Charlie’s was a neighborhood gem, a Winnipeg institution, the kind of place that, one […]

How to Deep-Fry a Mars Bar

A Scottish delicacy, you’ll find battered Mars bars in chippies all over the country. Oozing melted chocolate, nougat and caramel hides beneath a crispy casing of batter. They’re surprisingly delicious and unfortunately available in Winnipeg only at The Brit Cafe. Here’s how to make them at home. INGREDIENTS 1 unwrapped Mars bar, chilled 1 pair, […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! With the feasting and festivities over, New Year resolutions are invariably made, including a few over here too. For 2011, Savour Winnipeg will endeavor to produce monthly content that revolves around seasonal themes. In January for instance, we’re leading up to Robert Burns Day (January 25) by featuring some of the […]