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2011 / 12 Winter Leisure Guide

In case you missed it with all the holiday hubbub, registration for the Winter Leisure Guide opened on December 14. Like my post-celebration waistline, the adult leisure section boasts an ever expanding foodie section. Kathy Man is back for a wide array of recipes and technique demos from the far East, and there are plenty […]

2011 Leisure Guide is Live!

One of the most awaited moments in the March foodie calendar, the Spring 2011 Winnipeg Leisure Guide is live. Packed with demos, hands-on courses and chef sessions, I’m afraid it’s browsing only right now as registration doesn’t actually open until March 14. Until then, pick your courses and note the numbers. The PDF is available […]

The Fungus Among Us

The Winnipeg Leisure Guide had a number of wonderful foodie education opportunities in the spring/summer edition, among them, Fungus Among Us. Held at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory, it was led by D. Kurt, a self professed mushroom mad man and kind of a fun guy (get it…fun gi) at that. The evening provided a crash […]

Winnipeg’s spring Leisure Guide

Registration for Winnipeg Spring Leisure Guide classes begins Monday, March 15, at 9:00am. There’s a veritable bounty of information for the culinary inclined. Folded into Adult Leisure sections you’ll find the usual headings–Hands-On Cuisine and Cuisine Demo. But I found a couple of foodie items in the Around the Yard section–Making Maple Sugar for Fun […]

Five feasts for the info famished foodie

I indulge in unhealthy levels of Food Network Canada programming, numerous magazine subscriptions, and handfuls of food related books. If laden with a caloric count, this would render me morbidly obese, yet I’m never completely information sated. I turn, then, to experiences and although there’s room for growth, I’ve discovered a veritable smorgasbord of education […]

Foodies not forgotten in fall leisure guide

The Winnipeg Leisure Guide hit stands August 12. Available direct to Winnipeg Free Press subscribers, and through arenas, civic pools, libraries, leisure centres, and 200 local retailers, it lines up hundreds of activities to keep Peggers busy through the fall. Given that two of my favourite leisure activities are cooking and eating, I’m always thrilled […]