Foodies not forgotten in fall leisure guide

The Winnipeg Leisure Guide hit stands August 12.

Available direct to Winnipeg Free Press subscribers, and through arenas, civic pools, libraries, leisure centres, and 200 local retailers, it lines up hundreds of activities to keep Peggers busy through the fall.

Given that two of my favourite leisure activities are cooking and eating, I’m always thrilled to see what’s available in the cooking section which has been expanding year after year. It’s buried in the adult leisure segment, but I’ve extracted the food pages and posted the image below.

At the the very back of the guide there’s also a special foodie interest lineup (although they’ve titled it “foody”) at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. According to the guide: “The foody series incorporates delectable food samplings prepared by local chefs sprinkled with historical and horticultural tidbits, topped off with expert pairings from the Manitoba Liquor Marts.”

PDFs of all the Leisure Guide sections are available at

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