Beer Review: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Typically, Valentine’s Day is all about wine which Alec covered beautifully last week. But here’s a beer that’s perfect for those of us who prefer to savour the suds.

With a luxurious and velvety texture, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout has it all, delivering a satisfyingly indulgent taste without ever becoming overly sweet.

Pale Ale and Crystal malt, Chocolate Malt, a special blend of sugars, Fuggle and Golding hops, real dark chocolate and chocolate essence are combined to deliver well integrated but balanced chocolate flavours.

Young’s drinks well on its own, but pair it with a brownie, chocolate lava cake, or chocolate cheesecake and take it to a new level.

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout ($3.99 @ MLCC)

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