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Go ahead, make my day

I’d been meaning to make another batch of burgers and suddenly it hit me. I didn’t have to settle for the pre-packaged ground mystery meat to make those burgers tonight because I was the proud owner of a food processor. I could chop, mince, shred, grate and blend whatever I wanted. In this case, I […]

Winnipeg’s own Iron Chef

There was very little fanfare, but Winnipeg played host to its own Iron Chef competition. Taking place at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, the competition was part of Centrex, Manitoba’s largest tradeshow for hotels, restaurants, bars, and foodservice providers. The competition featured eight teams from local restaurants: Provence Bistro, Bistro 725, The Fairmont, Dandelion Eatery, The […]

More Mexican: Burrito del Rio opening soon

Bringing us more flavours of our southern neighbours, Winnipeg’s first taqueria, Burrito del Rio, is poised to open in Osborne Village. Oil barely cool in the fryers since the departure of former occupant the Village Fish, the space has undergone a rapid transformation. The only vestiges of the chippy shop the indoor eaves working to […]

So long, and thanks for all the fish

With great trepidation I watched brown paper mask the windows of Winnipeg’s gourmet fish n chippie, The Village Fish. I held out hopes that it was merely a long overdue reno. But there’s no denying a new sign, proclaiming Burrito del Rio’s imminent opening. The Fish has floated on, down the drain, belly up (insert […]