Five years of Flavours

There are a couple of reasons I eagerly anticipate my visits to the LC.

First, I love just wandering the aisles, looking for new products to try. Second, seeing whether the latest issues of two top-notch, complimentary food magazines have come out–Flavours and Ciao!

The holiday issue of Flavours Magazine hit the shelves this week, marking its fifth year in circulation. As well as gorgeous food photography, the mag also features some solid food writing.

I particularly enjoy Stephen Beaumont‘s Get Into Beer column where he talks about brewskis with all the sophistication and intelligence of a wine sommelier. Speaking of which, Mireille Sauvé brings her expert palate to page in Get Into Wine. This time it’s all about blends.

And Winnipeg chef Alex Svenne of Bistro 7 1/4 demystifies delectable dishes (and throws you a few recipes) in his column Mise en Place. In fact, as I write this, I have just been denied a reservation at B7.25. Gotta book way in advance, obviously. That’s three strikes. C’mon bud…time to expand. I’m dying to get in there.

There’s also a fascinating, if brief, article about oil by editor in chief Brandon Boone. It finally cleared up some nagging questions I had about refined vs. cold-pressed processing.

You’ll also find regular features that put the spotlight on new and noteworthy chefs, and profiles new hang-outs.

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