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Five feasts for the info famished foodie

I indulge in unhealthy levels of Food Network Canada programming, numerous magazine subscriptions, and handfuls of food related books. If laden with a caloric count, this would render me morbidly obese, yet I’m never completely information sated. I turn, then, to experiences and although there’s room for growth, I’ve discovered a veritable smorgasbord of education […]

Winnipeg micro brewer selling out…and proud of it

Winnipeg’s Half Pints Brewing Co. launches new brew to celebrate “selling out.” Ever since Half Pints Brewing set up shop in 2006 they’ve been gaining recognition and accolades as a craft brewer. But the prevailing perception of the beer consuming public is that craft brewing and commercial success are almost mutually exclusive ideals. Indeed, many […]

Winnipeg restaurant taps into flavours of Spain

If ever there was a country whose customs I’d adopt, it’s Spain. Nowhere is there a country that understands better the benefits of drinking, snacking and napping. When my parents dragged me there for a family vacation though, I hated it. There were no scotch eggs, fish fingers or Birdseye beef burgers. And retreating to […]

Cupcake Day for United Way

United Way of Winnipeg and The Cupcake Corner are teaming up to create a sweet deal for Winnipeg. For every dozen delicious, gourmet, mini cupcakes ordered by Tuesday, November 17, The Cupcake Corner will donate seven bucks to support United Way’s work in our community. Cupcake Corner you ask? It’s that little place in Osborne […]

Mushroom picking in Manitoba–a fungi good time

I’d almost forgotten when the call came. We’ll be meeting at the Southdale Mall McDonald’s at 1:00pm. It occurred to me I wouldn’t know how to identify them, but they were an unmistakable group. The telltale clipboards, cargo pants and wide-brimmed hats told me I’d found my people. The Manitoba Naturalists Society’s mushroom picking campaign […]

2009 Flatlanders Beer Festival

  Get this…belly up to an unparalleled selection of beers from around the world, drink your fill, and the whole time you’re doing Manitoba kids (if not your liver) a huge favour. In short, that’s what the Flatlander’s Beer Festival is all about. Running September 16 – 18, Flatlander’s has been putting the fun in […]