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Wine: Beaujolais Blanc

Every Wednesday, wine editor Alec Stuart shares a few tasting notes. This week it’s Henry Fessy Beaujolais Blanc. Most people associate Beaujolais with red wine, specifically light and easy-drinking red wine. That’s not surprising, considering that the vast majority of the Beaujolais we see on this side of the ocean is light and easy-drinking red wine. […]

Vive le Festival

Running from February 14- 23, Festival du Voyageur is a celebration of our province’s French-Canadian culture. Only Winnipeggers…Winterpeggers…would have an outdoor festival in the middle of February. We’re proud of the fact. The colder it is, the better. Builds character, y’know…connects us with la joie de vivre des voyageurs when we scramble over icy embankments, […]

Wine: Laboure-Roi Pinot

Every Wednesday, Savour Winnipeg wine editor Alec Stuart shares a few tasting notes from some his latest and most exciting discoveries. This week it’s Laboure-Roi ‘Les Sangliers’ Pinot Noir. Drinkable, cheap Pinot Noir is a rare thing, but it’s great for a large gathering like a dinner party and this wine fits the bill both […]

Wine: Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Every Wednesday, wine editor Alec Stuart will share a few tasting notes from some his latest and most exciting discoveries. This week, it’s Kung Fu Girl Riesling (USA). This Washington State white shows off a nice balance of acidity and sweetness, with loads of beautiful lime and a mineral edge on the finish. I’d like it better […]

Beer: Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale

Maple Cream Ale among select Granville Island Brewing products now available locally. I’m not the only one who did a double take when the MLCC announced they would carry a select few offerings from West Coast darling Granville Island Brewing. For now it’s limited to their English Bay Pale Ale and Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale, […]

Wine: Signorello ‘Seta’

This amazing white is the perfect pairing for this year’s Christmas turkey. Signorello Vineyards ‘Seta’ (2009 vintage – USA): Let me start by saying that I rarely pay above $30 for a white wine unless it’s a good Riesling, an aged Semillon or a nice white Burgundy. Outside of those narrow confines, it’s got to be […]

Beat the heat Canadian-style

Canada Day always leaves me a little patriotic. It also signals the start of those hazy, lazy days of summer. When the mercury moves towards the 30s those big wintertime reds can become too much. I don’t want a big meaty Shiraz on the patio, much less on the palate. I’d rather have something that […]

Innis & Gunn Canada Day Beer

A delicious treat in time for Canada Day, the beer geniuses over at Innis & Gunn are at it again. This time they’ve craftily created a special sud for Canada Day. The limited edition beer box features art from Canadian painter Deborah Colvin. The contents feature an auburn hued creamy brew with rich resinous hop […]