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A Pub a ‘Pegger Could Love

Saying so long to the Lounge of Charlie O (a.k.a. Tubby’s) was bittersweet. On one hand the food (notably excepting the pizza) had suffered for quality in the final years (even as far as bar food goes). On the other hand, Charlie’s was a neighborhood gem, a Winnipeg institution, the kind of place that, one […]

How to Deep-Fry a Mars Bar

A Scottish delicacy, you’ll find battered Mars bars in chippies all over the country. Oozing melted chocolate, nougat and caramel hides beneath a crispy casing of batter. They’re surprisingly delicious and unfortunately available in Winnipeg only at The Brit Cafe. Here’s how to make them at home. INGREDIENTS 1 unwrapped Mars bar, chilled 1 pair, […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! With the feasting and festivities over, New Year resolutions are invariably made, including a few over here too. For 2011, Savour Winnipeg will endeavor to produce monthly content that revolves around seasonal themes. In January for instance, we’re leading up to Robert Burns Day (January 25) by featuring some of the […]

A sweet deal for Winnipeg

For the second year in a row, Derrick Godfrey, the baker genius behind The Cupcake Corner is teaming up with United Way to create a sweet deal for Winnipeg–Cupcake Day for United Way. From 7 to 10 am on Thursday, October 7 , volunteers will stand ready to receive morning commuters in the parking lot […]

The Fungus Among Us

The Winnipeg Leisure Guide had a number of wonderful foodie education opportunities in the spring/summer edition, among them, Fungus Among Us. Held at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory, it was led by D. Kurt, a self professed mushroom mad man and kind of a fun guy (get it…fun gi) at that. The evening provided a crash […]