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You make me sick

Nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, indigestion, diarrhea…no, it’s not a Pepto-Bismol commercial, it’s the harsh reality of all too many restaurant experiences. C’mon…it’s happened to you. You probably dismissed it as a stomach bug, stress, or too many hot wings. I have. Relax…it’s not your fault… The aha moment for me was discovering the aptly named […]

A spirited education

So I attended another MLCC chef session (a well planted foodie gift idea), this time at the Grant Park store. These are great! For about $40 you get chef’s table treatment and a gustatory gamut of expertly paired drinks (usually around 8). Presiding, or should I say performing on this evening, Roger Wilton, executive chef […]

Gadget review: the Garlic Zoom

Got this little doo-dad in my stocking this year. It’s a Garlic Zoom and it sells for about $15. Cute, shiny, easy to clean. Yes, it’s all those things, but is it a time saver? With the little gears and wheels and spinning blades, my inner geek couldn’t resist the urge to take it for […]

Queer Eye star blinded with science

Those of you watching Top Chef have no doubt noticed the marked absence of guest judge and Queer Eye alum Ted Allen. Ted’s awesome! A charming and witty foodie, I eagerly anticipate his insights when he guest judges on Iron Chef and Top Chef. As I reported in an earlier post, he’s been focusing his […]

Five years of Flavours

There are a couple of reasons I eagerly anticipate my visits to the LC. First, I love just wandering the aisles, looking for new products to try. Second, seeing whether the latest issues of two top-notch, complimentary food magazines have come out–Flavours and Ciao! The holiday issue of Flavours Magazine hit the shelves this week, […]