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Recipe: Burdock and Dandelion Syrup

One of the most amazing things I’ve learned since we started leading tour groups on the Fantastic Forest Forage, is just how abundant many of these wild edibles are. Once you get your foragers vision, you’ll see them growing everywhere. I’ve seen wild plantain growing at bus stops, around fire pits when I’m camping, and […]

Fantastic Foraged Fare: Burdock Root

It’s the inspiration for Velcro, an Asian super ingredient, and it grows abundantly in Winnipeg. Burdock is this month’s featured Fantastic Foraged Fare. You might recognize the flowers of Burdock more when they turn brown and dry and harden. Better known as burrs, these annoying hitch hikers were the inspiration for a transformational technology. While […]

Burn Baby Burn

Smoke billows, flames lick through the understory, and what was moments earlier familiar and safe is vaporized, changed, blackened. The recent, if brief, blaze in Assiniboine Forest on Thursday, April 26 brought the spectre of forest fires dangerously close to home. It’s natural to react with fear. We’ve been taught that forest fires are agents […]

Beer: Black Galaxy

Set for launch on St. Patrick’s Day, Half Pints Brewing‘s latest creation is called Black Galaxy. Brewmaster Dave Rudge describes it as a Cascadian Dark Ale/American Black Ale or (less appropriately) Black IPA. It’s a similar style to their Black Scrapper, which had people lining up out the door and remains among‘s Top 50 […]

Recipe: Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Making pulled pork isn’t a chore. In fact, prep is unbelievably easy, it’s the cooking that takes the time because of the cut of meat used. That’s why I recommend getting your prep done a day ahead. The following recipe for slow cooker pulled pork is less a recipe than it is a two-part method. […]

Beer: 3 Monts

Each Tuesday, Savour Winnipeg features a new brew that’s either seasonal or the latest libation to hit the shelves. This week, we’re taking a closer look at 3 Monts. From the same brewer that brings us Du Moulin, comes 3 Monts, a lager brewed using top fermenting ale yeasts. Bierre de Garde, or strong beers […]

Beer: Trois Pistoles

Each Tuesday, Savour Winnipeg features a new brew that’s either seasonal or the latest libation to hit the shelves. This week, we’re loving Trois Pistoles. Quebec is to Canadian Beer what Belgium is to Europe and Unibroue is infamous for its abbey inspired styles. Dark brown colour, Trois Pistoles pours cloudy with a rich lacy […]

Recipe: Maple Cream Pie

As a nod to Festival du Voyageur, Randy Reynolds of Beaujena’s Bistro featured this Maple Cream Pie on the menu last February. Now he’s sharing it with Savour Winnipeg’s readers. “As I recall, Marion Warhaft (for what its worth) described it as ‘sublime,’” says Reynolds. Ingredients: Pastry shell: 1 cup flour, pinch of salt 1Tbs […]

Wine: Caribou

Bottled in Montreal, Caribou is an authentic Quebec fortified wine said to be of Aboriginal origin. Legend has it, the drink was a mix of Carrbou blood and bush whisky. To make it more palatable, red wine substituted the blood and brandy and maple syrup later entered the equation. Caribou is now traditional served during […]